ThunderStorm Umbrella







Ammo Cost

About 50-200 bolts

Ammo Held



Has multiple upgrades, please see the "Upgrades" section

Upgrade Price

Free for all upgrades(except for Proto Lightning Rod, which cost 55,000 bolts

The ThunderStorm Umbrella is an umbrella- no, no it's no ordinary umbrella, it's a deadly weapon that can shoot electrical streaks of energy. This weapon was the third most powerful non-proto weapon in the game, even when it's upgraded to the Lightning Rod, it's still the third most powerful weapon in the game.

This weapon was first available at Venantonio at Agency Vendors for 35,000 bolts. Like it's upgrades, ammo is only lost if a enemy is hit.

The ThunderStorm Umbrella getting ready for it's deadly attack.


ThunderStorm Umbrella V2Edit

The damage is still the same, the only difference is that the ammo is increased to [].

ThunderStorm Umbrella V3Edit

The damage has increased to 102.

Lightning RodEdit

Main Article:Lightning Rod

The ammo has now increased to 28, and the weapon is now much, much more powerful.

Proto Lightning RodEdit

Main Article:Proto Lightning Rod

More InfoEdit

This weapon's manufacturer was the Agency. It's damage is about 97, it's upgrades' damage is also 97(except for V3), but it's final upgrade, the Lighting Rod had 136 damage, and it's proto version had 161. The ThunderStorm Umbrella costs 35,000 bolts and was first available at Venantonio. It upgraded into the powerful Lightning Rod.

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