While playing Secret Agent Clank, Clank, Ratchet, Qwark and Ms. Cute Anastania Bot will say different quotes while gameplay. In this article, you can read all the quotes they have said.

Clank's quotesEdit

  • "Yeehaw"
  • "You should not sleep on the job."
  • "I believe it is past your bedtime."
  • "Oh, groovy baby" -- Clank will say this after Clank puts on the 70's Clank skin.
  • "Oh. . .uhhh. . ." -- After Clank dies in a level, this is what he says.
  • "Ow" -- Clank, after he is attacked by an enemy. He will not always say this, but that is rare.
  • "Hiyah" -- Clank says this in the final attack in his Stealth Takedown.

Ratchet's quotesEdit

  • "HAH" -- Ratchet says this most of the time when he attacks an enemy with his Omni Wrench 10k.

Qwark's quotesEdit

  • "Kapow" -- Qwark says this in Suck and Jive after punching Jack at least 10 times in a row.
  • "Wait, wait. . . Did I say that? Thats not how it happened" -- After Qwark dies in a level, this is whta he says.

Ms.Cute's quotesEdit

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