This Article Is A Stub. E-X-P-A-N-D I-T!!!!!

"Once my ninjas power this laser, it will destroy you-- PERMANENTLY. Prepare to DIE!"

--Number Woo describing his laser to Clank

Number Woo is the evil ruler of Asyanica and has a evil and ruthless Robot Ninja army who answer only to Number Woo. When Clank arrives at Asyanica, Clank falls in a large bin full of water that Number Woo had placed right where Clank would land in his rocket. Clank was electrocuted, and Number Woo had caught Clank. Woo trapped Clank, and had a laser that would destroy him permanently. If the Gadgebots had not freed Clank in time, Clank would be blown to pieces. But there is no time limit for that Gadgebot level.