Lightning Rod
;..Lighting Rod







Ammo Cost

About 500 bolts

Ammo Held



Proto Lightning Rod

Upgrade Price

55,000 bolts

The Lightning Rod is the non-proto final version of the ThunderStorm Umbrella. It kills most enemies in 1 or 2 hits. At first, you might think that the Lightning Rod and the ThunderStorm Umbrella have no difference, but actually, the Lightning Rod is much more powerful. Like the ThunderStorm Umbrella, equip the Lightning Rod and hold the fire button as long as you can so the Rod can collect electrical streaks of energy, then let go for a deadly attack. The Lightning Rod took on the appearance of a metal rod.

Ammo was only lost when an enemy was hit. It had 28 ammo.


Proto Lightning RodEdit

Main Article:Proto Lightning Rod

Previous VersionsEdit

ThunderStorm UmbrellaEdit

Main Article:ThunderStorm Umbrella

This is the first version- 16 ammo and great damage.

ThunderStorm Umbrella V2Edit

Main Article:ThunderStorm Umbrella V2

Ammo increased to [].

ThunderStorm Umbrella V3Edit

Main Article:ThunderStorm Umbrella V3

The damage has increased to 102.

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