IT'S HER!!!!

Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Very Bright Red
Species Robot
Gender Female
Homeworld Glaciara
Best Talent Dancing
Name Pun I want a lotta bolts

Ivana Lottabolts,countess of Glaciara is a elite proffesional dancer and just adores music. She lives in a intensely fancy and huge house. Number Woo was tied up in Tie-A-Rang clips because of Clank in the cutscene after the Asyanica level. Number Woo didn't want his minions to see him like that. Then Clank said "If you tell me the whereabouts of the Eye, I could let you go." Number Woo said "I was told to send the Eye to Ivana Lottabolts on Glaciara". Clank left to Glaciara and got into Ivana's house. The countess said to Clank, "Agent Clank, I understand joo are looking for zee Eye of Infinity." Clank said "That is on my Agenda". Ivana said "I'll give joo info on zee Eye but first joo have to dance." Their dance took place on a dance floor FULL of traps, traps like a painful bonk on the head after a few seconds of dancing. Ivana was hit with all the traps, while Clank was safely dancing. After the dance, Clank dropped Ivana and insulted her. Clank escaped with his snowboard. Ivana was STUNNED. They had such a nice dance and that actually happened. Ivana was too weak from all those traps so she couldn't go and capture Clank. She sent her guards instead.


  • Her name is a pun on "I want a lotta bolts".
  • If you call her Countess Lottabolts, that is a pun on "Counts a lotta bolts".

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