In Fort Sprocket, they are 3 Titanium Bolts. Here are the locations:

  • At the start, they are mineral pillers that can be destroyed with Cufflink Bombs. Destroy all of them to reach the first hall of Static Midges. On the final mineral piller to the first hall of Midges, right beside it is another mineral piller. Even though it doesn't have a Cufflink Bomb icon, it can still be destroyed. Destroy it, jump on it and then you will see another piller. Destroy that piller, jump on it, and you will see a room without a door. Jump in it, and a Titanium Bolt collected!
  • In the large room with the honeycomb doors, there is a lift. Jump on it. It will take you to a surface. Jump off the surface without stepping on the lift. Make sure the lift doesn't come down with you. Then, you will see a big rectangle hole that the lift would land on. Jump in it, you will land on a surface. There will be a Titanium Bolt on that surface.
  • In the High-Security Vaults, reach the other side of the vault. Make sure you land in the right side of the other side, not the left side. In the right side, it's safer and you will see a silver 3D cube. Jump on the cube, and you will be able to jump on to a 3D huge yellow cube. Both sides of the vault have 3 of those big cubes, but the entire vault has 9. Jump on that yellow cube, and jump to the 2nd cube on that side of the vault. There you will see a Titanium Bolt on the cube right across. Jump on that cube and there you are!